New release at Klepsydra! The Peyton dress is our special item for the Like Sales Room.
The Peyton dress comes in six colors, rigged mesh and materials enabled. L$70 per piece for the duration of the event.

Taxi to the Like Sales Room

The Snow Much Fun Cart Sale & Hunt started on February 14th and Klepsydra has some red specials, just for the event. After all, red is the color of love!
At Klepsydra’s cart three exclusive vendors are available, each containing a red item for the exclusive price of L$50, plus a brand new regular release and a hunt prize.
The special price exclusive releases:
The Olga dress: short, boho dress to give you a spring feeling. It comes in rigged mesh, standard sizes XS to L, materials enabled.

The Carmen Skirt: A not too short, fluffy dress, with heart prints, to celebrate Valentine’s Day with love. It comes in five standard sizes, materials enabled.

The BaBa dress: Since the Fitted Mesh was officially implemented in the Second Life viewer and is soon to be adopted by other viewers, Klepsydra has a fitted mesh release, exclusive for the Snow Much Fun cart sale. It comes in red and black, with a rich pattern, and works perfectly for a romantic SL dinner. Of course, if both partners use a compatible viewer! :) The dress comes in one size, as it streches to the body without the need of more sizes, and is materials enabled.

The Burlesque dress: Last, but not least, Klepsydra just released a corset dress, for those who want to really stand out. It comes in four vibrant colors, five standard sizes and materials enabled. Currently only available at the Snow Much Fun event.

And since this is a cart sale & hunt event, Klepsydra also has a hunt prize for shoppers: the Vanessa Clutch in white. It is placed in a snowflake somewhere around the cart.

Taxi to the Snow Much Fun Cart Sale & Hunt

The Thrift Shop, Room [69] and SOHO Market

New releases at Klepsydra!

First, the Thrift Shop started today! Weh have two new releases exclusive for the event and a gacha machine!

First of all, clothing: the Sonja outfits, that will be only sold as such during the event. When they go to the mainstore, they will be sold as separates.
The Sonja outfit includes a wrapped crop top and low-rise leather pants. It comes in six colors, rigged mesh for standard sizing and materials enabled.
The outfit will be sold for 50%off during the event – L%135 each.

Another new release is the Lollipop nail appliers for SLink hands and feet. It comes in six glitter striped colors and will also be sold more than 50%off a the Thrift Shop – L$40.

Last, but not least, we have a gacha at the event. it includes 10 ring and bracelet sets in pastel or crazy colors. They are non rigged mesh, materials enabled and resizable via script. Gold and Silver version are rare items. Since this is a gacha machine, they will also be sold for a low price – L$40 per play.

Plus, Klepsydra has a lovely jewelry set for Room [69}. The Dotted Hearts earrings and necklace set come in four colors – silver, black, red and blue, for L$69 each for the event. They are non-rigged mesh, materials enabled.

Last, but not least, a new round of SOHO Market started. There you can find the Leather Ribbon bracelets in eight colors, L$50 each. Each colors comes with gold and silver versions, for both left and right hands. As usual, non-rigged mesh and materials enabled.

And here’s your taxi:

The Thrift Shop

Room [69]

Soho Market

Klepsydra Mainstore

Faye Dress for Soho Market

Klepsydra is participating in the current round of Soho Market Sale. There’s a great lineup of designers, so drop byand check it out!
For this round, Klepsydra has a brand new item, the Faye dress in three tartan and three polka dots versions. As usual, rigged mesh and materials enabled. Only L$65 each for the next two weeks!

Here’s your taxi to Soho Market


Lots of news for just one blog post!

Klepsydra is participating in the new round of the Open Closet. For this cycle, we have a new release: the Tamara tops, in three floral patterns and three pastel fabrics. As usual, rigged mesh, materials enabled, to make you look pretty inworld and in photos. Yours for only L$65 each for the duration of the event.

Also, Klepsydra expanded to the Flawless sim. To celebrate, you can find there a sneak peak of my upcoming release, the Faye dress. The Black Floral version will only be for sale at Flawless, for a special price too!

Also, the Kristina shirts are now available at the mainstore and on the Marketplace.

Here’s your limos:
The Open Closet
Klepsydra@ Flawless
Klepsydra Mainstore
Klepsydra Marketplace

New @ Klepsydra: nail appliers for SLink hands and feet!

Yes, that’s right! I love making nail appliers and, though it is more difficult than I had expected, I enjoy this process so much!

I am thrilled to announce that Klepsydra launched the nail applier collection, including four styles of manicure and pedicure in either vidid colors, pastels or black and white.

The silver dip nails, both vivid colors and pastels, are available for a special price this weekend at the Jersey Shore sim, for Grenade Free Weekend.

Last, but not least, a special offer from Klepsydra: the Messages set is only L$5 on the Marketplace!


Klepsydra mainstore

Klepsydra @ Jersey Shore

Klepsydra on the SL Marketplace

The Open Closet

Klepsydra is participating in the Open Closet, a bi-weekly event with items sold for L$35 to L$75.

For this event, we have a new release: the Kristina Shirt, It comes in five standard sizes, materials enabled and five colors to choose from. Only L$65 each for the duration of the event.

Here’s your taxi to The Open Closet.